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2011 Haunted House Reviews

Over the past couple of weekends I have gone to two haunted houses: Dungeon of Doom (Zion, IL) and  Basement of the Dead (Aurora, IL).  Here are my thoughts and opinions on both of them: Dungeon of Doom is by far … Continue reading

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Is there no more love for loyalty?

Is there no more love for loyal customers? For those of you who may not know… Netflix is raising their prices as of September 1. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that price increases are sometimes necessary- and when … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the Ketchup Packet

Heinz has FINALLY done it! Do you all remember the days when this was your only option for a ketchup packet? Do you remember how hard it was to get it open? Or how you could NEVER get all of … Continue reading

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Good For Chiquita and Good For You Too!

I am not really all about promoting products unless I really do think they are great.  And Chiquita has really done something great with their new product- Chiquita Crushed Fruit Snack.  Not only is this product made with 100% fruit…believe … Continue reading

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Is swaying from your brand loyalty really a bad thing??

For my male readers, let me start with this disclaimer: I hope that you don’t fray from reading this blog based on the subject matter as it contains many great points on the customer experience. Is swaying from your brand … Continue reading

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Haunted House Reviews

As you can tell from my previous posts… I really LOVE fall and Halloween. Because of my passion for haunted houses I feel inclined to post a review of the ones that I visit during the season. So, here it … Continue reading

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The Designful Company

So, I was cleaning my bookshelf this weekend and ran across the book “The Designful Company”.  I really enjoyed reading this book the first time around and since it was such a quick read I decided to do a skim … Continue reading

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