Is there no more love for loyalty?


Is there no more love for loyal customers? For those of you who may not know… Netflix is raising their prices as of September 1. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that price increases are sometimes necessary- and when my plan went up about $1/month a little while back I wasn’t too upset. But now, my whole plan is changing! It’s going from a total price of $11.95 +tax for 1 disc at a time (unlimited/month) AND streaming to $7.99 + tax for streaming alone AND ANOTHER $9.99+ tax for 1 disc at a time (unlimited/month). This is a 49.95% price increase.

I have been a loyal customer of Netflix since January 2006 and never thought of changing… even when Blockbuster came out with their program which allowed you to exchange discs at the store. But now, I’m on the hunt for something new! Netflix is sure to lose a loyal customer with this decision.

In hard economic times is when loyal customers tend to benefit the most- companies send out additional coupons to loyal customers helping them save money where they shop or visit he most. And USUALLY as plan increases take place only NEW members are impacted, leaving loyal customers happy that they have been loyal all those years. Take Apple for example: those early adapters when got their iPhone early with an unlimited data plan got to keep that plan when AT&T switched to tiered data plans for those who were signing up at that point. This shows that AT&T acknowledged their loyal customers and gave them additional benefits.

This does not seem to be the case with Netflix. I’m shocked that loyal customers were not even given a “bundle” option where you could either choose a streaming plan or disc plan for those set prices OR choose a streaming and disc plan for a $XX increase each month.

I guess the last 5 1/2 years of loyalty to Netflix wasn’t worth much to them… Anyone have any good alternatives I can look into switching to?

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