The Evolution of the Ketchup Packet

Heinz has FINALLY done it!

Do you all remember the days when this was your only option for a ketchup packet? Do you remember how hard it was to get it open? Or how you could NEVER get all of the ketchup out of the packet?  Well, fear not… Heinz has made huge strides in making the use of those little ketchup packets that much better!

Introducing the NEW and INNOVATIVE ketchup packet.  These new ketchup packets are far more superior than the old ones.  You now have two options for how to get the ketchup out of the little packet: 1. tear open the top and squeeze it out or 2. peel back the foil cover and use it to dip.  BRILLIANT!  Now you get more ketchup than before and have the chance to get it all out of the package.

UPDATE 1/27/12…Heinz is now promoting this on their website- they are called the “dip & squeeze packets”.  Available in stores now.  Check it out:

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