About Kim Kraynak

2015 Kim with the Stanley Cup

I live in Chicago, IL and absolutely love my city!  There is never a shortage of things to do here and I am always trying to get out and try new things.  It always amazes me how many people live in big cities but don’t fully take advantage of them.  I’m definitely not going to be one of them.


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I graduate a little over 8 years ago from North Central College in Naperville IL with my Bachelor’s of Arts in Business Management with minors in Finance & Marketing.

BU logoI am currently working on my Masters of Science in International Marketing Management (MSMII) degree at Boston University.  I just started my 10th class and couldn’t be happier or more excited to be on the home stretch. I have learned so much and couldn’t have been happier with the program I chose or the friends I have met along the way.


Since I graduated undergrad over 10 years ago, I’ve been dedicated to building my professional portfolio and becoming a well-rounded marketer.  I started off in a marketing assistant role, which couldn’t have been a better starting point for me. This role allowed me to interact with many different marketing disciplines- brand & channel management, PR, promotions & events, creative, ecomm and more- which showed me how they interact and interdepend on one another to succeed.  This pushed me to work in a variety of marketing roles since then including retail marketing, innovation development, promotional marketing and brand marketing.  The only area I haven’t gotten enough experience in (yet) is a truly digital role.  Digital is definitely the future and one of the main reasons I chose the program at BU since their curriculum is heavily focused on the new tools and innovation in a digital world.

I have an extensive background in marketing-including the in-store consumer experience, visual merchandising, social media, mobile marketing integration, promotions & events, data analysis and driving omni-channel promotions. All of this has really developed me into a well-rounded marketer and I feel like ever position I’ve had has been able to utilize the skills I have in one way or another. I look forward to looking back 10 years from now to see how much more I’ve continued to grow.


I have a deep passion for what I do and I constantly strive to gain any knowledge that will help me grow personally and professionally.

Thanks for reading my blog…


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