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Pepsi Unveils it’s New Eco-Friendly Bottle

PepsiCo Inc. on Tuesday unveiled a bottle made of 100% plant material, which it says beats the technology of competitor Coca-Cola (whose current eco-friendly bottle is made of 30% plant material) and reduces its potential carbon footprint. The bottle is made from … Continue reading

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Preserving tradition or just out to make money??

Ok, I remember last year when the Cubs and Wrigley Field were up for sale, and we all heard from the Ricketts family about how “We are Cubs fans”… but are they really?  I remember hearing how they wanted to … Continue reading

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Hoarding… a real threat to your life

Sadly, hoarding is a real life problem that if unnoticed can lead to death.  Monday a 79 year old woman died in her trash filled home and it took hours to even get to her body.  The house was almost … Continue reading

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