Building a website for class

As many of you know, I’m currently enrolled at Boston University in the Master’s of Science in International Marketing Management program (yep, say that three times fast…) Anyways, I am currently enrolled in AD737- Innovative Marketing Techniques. This is my 10th class on my way through the program, so on the home stretchWord Cloud "Web Marketing"I’m really looking forward to this class! I know that finding innovative marketing techniques that have good ROI and bring companies and to the next level to get noticed by consumers and stand out throughout all the “noise” out there is key.  This is the type of class that really has BU stand out from other MBA and Master’s programs to me and really helped make my choice on where to go. I feel that it’s really important because it is addressing the needs and challenges of working in a highly digital, technical and fast-paced world of today that is really the norm for companies.

During this class, my teammate and I, will be building out a website to understand and implement the concepts learned in class such as web development, HTML/CSS coding, SEO, Social Media, Analytics, Google Adwords and more. We are at the end of week one and have chosen a company, found a domain name and had it registered/hosted and now for week 2 we are starting to build out our preliminary pages.

Our company is called DVDonate and is a non-profit/charity that aims to collect DVDs from donors and find appropriate recipients for those movies. Specifically, we are thinking of targeting people who purchase Blu-Ray/DVD/Ultraviolet Digital Copy packages when they purchase a movie (a more and more common form of packaging for movies) and asking them to donate the DVD disc while keeping the packaging and Blu-Ray components for themselves. The charity would also be matching the donations with interested groups who could make use of the DVDs. Examples could include Armed Forces organizations, VFW, hospitals, libraries, or other charities such as Toys for Tots.

Feel free to check out the building of our site at: Still a work in progress for sure, but looking forward to how it will continue to change over the course of the next 6 weeks 🙂

Any feedback, advice, recommendations and more on the site are always welcome as well!

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