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Building a website for class

As many of you know, I’m currently enrolled at Boston University in the Master’s of Science in International Marketing Management program (yep, say that three times fast…) Anyways, I am currently enrolled in AD737- Innovative Marketing Techniques. This is my … Continue reading

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Good For Chiquita and Good For You Too!

I am not really all about promoting products unless I really do think they are great.  And Chiquita has really done something great with their new product- Chiquita Crushed Fruit Snack.  Not only is this product made with 100% fruit…believe … Continue reading

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The man in the chair

Awhile back, I went to a marketing seminar and they played this video for us. It was very entertaining to see how different things are now in terms or marketing to consumers, but in the end, the fundamentals are still … Continue reading

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Twitter…is it a blessing or a curse?

I still hear much talk going on about whether or not twitter is worth the time or not. I know for me, the jury is still out. I am definitely open to the possibility of twitter being a good method … Continue reading

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B2B industry and social media… why the hesitation?

Why the hesitation in B2B companies to incorporate social media into their marketing plans?  Here’s what I think… it’s the culture of the company and B2B industry as a whole.  People who sell in the B2B industry like the traditional … Continue reading

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