Abandoned?? Possibly…

So, it appears as though I have abandoned my blog… 😦 I guess the way I looked at it was that if I didn’t have a direction for it to really go in and I have been SUPER busy then why bother? I tend to only really go back to it once a year for now and when I get here realize almost no one comes here and my posts really have a “theme” to them.  Now that I’m starting up a new class in grad school (yep, only 3 classes left) called Innovative Marketing Techniques that focuses around how to reach people digitally (blogs, Google Adwords, SEO and more) I thought I would jump on and post again. Hopefully over the course of this class I’ll learn new techniques on how to build a better blog strategy, enhance my blog, drive traffic and more and start to implement those changes.

Until then, here are some fun things that I have been up to the last year+ since my last blog…There’s been so much more but I would need DAYS to list it all out.  I look forward to getting back into blogging and maybe figuring out a direction for this to go 🙂

2015 Kim with the Stanley Cup

Saw Lord Stanley after the Chicago Blackhawks won their 3rd Stanley Cup in 6 years


Spent some time visiting my grandparents! Love my family!


Celebrated my mom’s 60th bday!


Watched the Cubs make it to the Playoffs…sadly not to make it to the World Series but it was a fun run!


Went to Washington DC for New Years, visited the monuments and watched the Winter Classic hockey game


Got to make it to BU for 2 classes and meet some of the great friends I’ve made throughout the program so far!


Met the BU mascot Rhett! So fun!


Got to enjoy the huge helmets in Chicago in support of the NFL draft.

Got to cross another item off my bucket list… to see the Orcas in the wild. What an awesome experience!

Got to cross another item off my bucket list… to see the Orcas in the wild. What an awesome experience!

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