Is swaying from your brand loyalty really a bad thing??

For my male readers, let me start with this disclaimer: I hope that you don’t fray from reading this blog based on the subject matter as it contains many great points on the customer experience.

Is swaying from your brand loyalty really a bad thing? At first I would tell you YES, as I am a very brand loyal consumer, but after a recent instance in my life I’m now swaying to the no side.

There has been a recent supply shortage and issues with OB Tampons, which in turn has caused pretty much every store anywhere to have completely empty shelves.  Now, being a very loyal OB consumer my entire life, this is quite an issue for me.  With some other products, there are suitable substitutions available on the market, however, no other US tampon company make an applicator-free tampon.  So for a loyal OB customer, what are we to do??  This is not a product that you can just wait to get until later- like a pen, type of cereal or bath towel- this is a product that a woman needs on a monthly basis… too bad we can’t just put “the time of the month” on hold until supply issues are corrected.

So, after hearing countless hours of complaining from me on how I have no idea what I will do now, a friend of mine went online to find out what went wrong and when they would be back on shelves.  While online, a suitable replacement product was found.  After the product had arrived, my friend brought it to me (still in the shipping box).  From the moment I opened the shipping box I was impressed by it. It was a brand called Moxie.  The package was sleek and looked very “expensive”. With its see-through window to the “purse worthy” tins and foil-accented packaging to the catchy slogans on the box, it makes you feel as though you are opening something more than just a tampon.  And I am sure this is exactly how Moxie wants you to feel about their product.

I asked my friend how he found the product and he said that he found it online and was enticed to check it out by their tag line of “two purse-worthy tins”.  As I opened the box, the inside flaps read spoil yourself.  Making me feel so very important and excited about a tampon… who would have thought.

I later went online to see what their website looks like and where you can purchase these, and I was very impressed with the whole look and feel of the website and how much it mirrored the actual product.  It was easy to navigate around it and find the information that I was looking for.

Moral of the story: Now that I was FORCED to try another brand since my brand was not available at the time, I find that I am very happy with the other brand.  I never would have known about this other brand and all it has to offer if my brand never has supply issues.  Will I switch to the new brand completely, who knows at this point… but it is good to have options.

So keep your brand loyalty for the most part, but don’t be too stubborn to try other brands if the chance arises.

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One Response to Is swaying from your brand loyalty really a bad thing??

  1. gem says:

    The best part of this entry is that a boy found the product for you, hehe.

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