Happy Halloween

Ok, so if any of you actually follow my blog, although I have been lacking as of late, you know that I LOVE halloween.  It’s my favorite holiday and fall is my favorite season. It’s really not just one thing that I like but it all: the smell of the fall leaves, the colors as the trees change, the fact that there is a TON of pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING, haunted houses and scary movies.


This year, we tried Statesville Haunted Prison.  I hadn’t been there for like 12 years or so (since I was in high school) and since it has gotten such great reviews the past 10 years we thought it would be great to go.  I have to say that for the price I was quite disappointed!  It was about $35/ticket and a pretty far drive from us as well.  The makeup and costumes were great, the decorations and rooms were cool but overall it lacked the scare factor that we were looking for in a haunted house.  It is probably a really good haunted house for people who scare REALLY easy or for kids that are just getting into haunted houses.  There were no pitch dark rooms and no one really jumped out at you. Plus there were A LOT of areas where you had to wait in a line. I understand that it was like that in order to help keep the groups separated but I think we waited in about 7-8 lines throughout the time we were there. That’s no fun.  Not the worst haunted house experience I’ve had but, I wouldn’t recommend this based on price and overall experience. I give it a rating of only one skull

As we are always looking for new haunted houses to visit, let me know what haunted houses in Illinois do you like or dislike?

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