Good For Chiquita and Good For You Too!

I am not really all about promoting products unless I really do think they are great.  And Chiquita has really done something great with their new product- Chiquita Crushed Fruit Snack.  Not only is this product made with 100% fruit…believe me, you can read EVERYTHING on the label (no added chemicals or words you can’t pronounce), but the bottle is also made from 100% recycled plastic. 

These snacks are 150 calories each and taste great.  I did the Chicago Spring Half Marathon a couple of weeks back and Chiquita was out there handing these out.  I grabbed a few and headed home.  Later that day I really needed a snack but didn’t want to load up on anything too heavy so I decided to try one.  The flavor that I got was Banana/Mango. (these also come in Banana/Strawberry, Banana/Blueberry, Banana/Acai or Banana/Pineapple)  The consistency is that of a smoothie and just the right amount as a snack.  It is two full servings of fruit and to me is definitely more filling than any 100 calorie pack I have tried. I am addicted to these now.  They are great.  Such an amazing snack!

Being in the marketing world, I am also drawn to how they are marketing this product.  They of course are using guerilla marketing and handing these out at festivals, sporting events and around the city (Chicago being a big market for this-Yeah for us!!) but they are also promoting these really well via social media outlets.  They have their Facebook Page  and on Twitter

The thing that I really love is that they are promoting and encouraging consumers to celebrate their little victories and how they have “crushed it”.  You can go on to Facebook and post the ways that you have “crushed it” lately or tweet through their twitter account with #CrushingIt or have#CrushedIt.

What an exciting and encouraging promotion that is going on!!

Way to go Chiquita! You are crushing it!!

You can go online to their Facebook page to find coupons and where to find Chiquita Crushed It Snacks.
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