Quarterly Fashion Updates- July, August & September

First off, let me apologize for the HORRIBLE quality of the photos.  I used a different camera this time and it just wasn’t working as well as I had hoped.  I apologize for this and guarantee that next fashion post will be much better quality.  As I did last quartely update, here are the outfits from July, August and September. I’m not going to call out each outfit, but will call out some key highlights and possible themes.

July 2012:

July was a little hot, as many of you from Chicago know, so there were lots of tank tops.  I hit up Marshalls a few times and picked up a few new tops that made me feel a little better about the whole summer wardrobe.  Nothing too special, but not as bad as it could have been I suppose.

August 2012

August was another hot one.  Although, it’s kinda funny though, it’s super hot outside so you need to dress appropriately, but when you go indoors it’s cool from the air.  So here are a few outfits that incorporate a light sweater to wear indoors when needed. I am usually cold, so light sweaters are a necessity.

September 2012

Ok, in addition to me not being able to use a camera this quarter, I guess I also couldn’t count :).  Either way, outfit #5 listed below was my favorite.  This photo does NOT do it justice at all.  I wore it to a wonderful wedding for some friends and couldn’t have been happier about it.  Again, my fashion consultant helped me with this one and I really can’t take any credit for picking it out.  But none-the-less, it’s wonderful!  Another outfit that I was quite happy with this month, was my new vest for hockey season…which sadly might not even happen this year.  Fingers crossed as we head into October…

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