WOW, can you believe it’s already August??

I just can’t believe that it’s already August.  That’s just crazy!  This year has flown by and I am now looking back at my 2012 resolutions to see where I am at with those. Usually, I would have gotten something like this posted in June, but the time is going too fast and I’ve already missed that mark. I suppose it’s better late than never.

Let’s see where I am…

Goal #1- Get back in Shape.  Hmm… where am I at with this one.  Well, with the hot and humid weather it has been hard for me to get into running more often- yes, I know, that sounds like an excuse.  However, I have joined a group at work for helping to keep track of workout progress, setting goals and tracking your progress.  It has definitely helped me to motivate myself into doing workout videos at home, finding quick exercises that don’t require a gym (thanks Pinterest for these) and taking the stairs more.  So, although I’m not quite on track for my goal of four 5Ks this year, the year isn’t yet over.

Goal #2- Being more financially stable. Well, I hate to say,
there has been not much progress on this front.  Although I haven’t gone out to lunch nearly as much, it still seems almost impossible to really get ahead.  I haven’t been able to find a freelance job yet, but was able to join the board of a local dog beach out in Chicago which has been fun.  I am still searching for a freelance job and ways to save a penny.  Hopefully, this will pick up in the back half of the year and keep up through 2013.

Goal #3- Being more fashionable.  Well, you’ve all seen my progress on this one. I still need to get July up there, but overall, I think I am making good strides towards this one.

Goal #4- Travel more.  Well, we are already one trip in on this one and another trip scheduled for a few weeks from now.  We’ve hit up Minneapolis-
pretty close to home, but still feels so far away as you drive away.  It’s amazing how your troubles
seem to melt away as the miles add up while your driving to your destination. 🙂  We also have a 2 state trip coming up which will be a TON of fun.  And talks of the third trip for December are in the air… so it looks like this goal is right on track for now. And to spice it up a bit, I’m also starting to travel some for work.  So I guess that’s just the cherry on the cake.

Well, I hope that this helps you look back at your resolutions for 2012 to see where you are at and if there are things you can still do to make this year GREAT!

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