Final Fashion Update

Wow, can you believe it’s already been a year since I started my fashion updates? I can.  Honestly, I thought that this resolution to be more fashionable would be easier.  But for someone who doesn’t like to shop, try on clothes or dress “outside of the box”, this is a really hard goal.  Even if it was only really one day every week of the year.

I tried to make some strategic purchases throughout the year of things I could wear with multiple outfits: scarves, necklaces, colorful tank tops, etc. This seemed to help a bit.  (I guess I used to wear a lot of dark colors so even just incorporating more color into my wardrobe had people noticing.)  I also tried to shop at places I usually wouldn’t or hadn’t yet: Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Banana Republic, Discovery Clothing, Nordstrom Rack, the outlet malls, etc. I think these small changes (buying colors, wearing accessories and trying new places to shop) all helped to make my resolution of being more fashionable a reality. Overall, I’m not really 100% satisfied with how I did, but I also keep telling myself that you can’t completely change in just one year (unless of course I had TONS of money, then I am sure this one would have been much easier).  But, I will continue to try and venture out of the box and become more fashionable so that in the future it comes more naturally.

As I did last two quarterly updates, here are the outfits from October, November and December. I’m not going to call out each outfit, but will call out some key highlights and possible themes. (and yes, I know that most of the photos show me in NO shoes… yep, that’s an area that I still need A LOT of help with.  I am getting better at identifying outfits that work well together, but still not so good on the shoe front.  Any recommendations are welcome :))

October 2012:

October was a mis-mash of outfits for me.  I spent too much time at work and didn’t have much time to get out and shop for anything new. So this was a month of rummaging through my closet to find things I haven’t worn in awhile or things that I haven’t ever worn together.  This is inevitably what I came up with – not my proudest month.  The greatest thing I picked up this month was a black and white striped infinity scarf- shown in photo 1- and I love it!  I never really paid much attention to the “infinity scarf” as it came out, but now that I have worn them, I have to admit I’m sad I hadn’t gotten one sooner.  If you don’t own one, I highly recommend picking one up. It adds a much needed flair to any outfit- while also keeping you warm as we are now getting into the winter months.

October Outfits

November 2012: 

November- also known as stripe month – was a month that I seemed to wear lots of stripes.  I suppose this is because a lot of sweaters and long sleeved shirts that were out this year were striped.  Overall, I think I look ok in stripes so it was a pretty successful month of wearing more colors and new things.  My favorite is the red and grey sweater in photo 3 with the grey infinity scarf.  I have to admit that every time I put the sweater on I kinda feel like Freddy Kruger, but I get a ton of compliments… so maybe Freddy knew something I don’t 🙂

November Outfits

December 2012:

Finally, December.  December was a pretty good month for me.  I branched out and got new scarves, with color, to wear-as you can see in outfit 2.  I also got some new jewelry- shown in photo 4.  If you’re wondering what I was thinking for my outfit in photo 3, it was actually all done for a great reason.  This was the day we attended TBOX– The Twelve Bars of Christmas. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a really awesome Christmas themed bar-crawl that happens in Wrigleyville each year- if you haven’t ever heard of it or done it, it’s a TON of fun and you should try it out. Finally, kinda hard to see in the photo, but I got new dress pants that are a light blue-ish grey color- shown in photo 1.  They kinda look like jeans in the photo, but honestly they are some of the most comfortable dress pants I have ever worn- picked them up at the Banana Republic outlet store.

December OutfitsThanks so much for following me along this year as I pushed myself to venture out of my comfort zone and try more fashionable clothes.  I have had a lot of fun this year, gotten some good advice from friends & family and enjoyed the whole experience- I hope that you did as well.  As I already said, I’ll be keeping up with the new things and fashionable outfits, although I haven’t decided yet if I’ll continue to post them or not. If you think I should, let me know.

Happy 2013 and I hope your year if filled with fun and challenging things that help you branch out and become the person you want to be.  Here’s to a great year!

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