Quarterly Fashion Update- April, May & June

Ok, so I realize now that I have been a bit MIA as the months have flown by and no posts on fashion. What is up with that?? Well, not that it’s an excuse, but work has been busy and I am trying to step into the freelancing world. But none-the-less, I have still tried to step out of my comfort zone and get more fashionable. Here are the outfits from April, May and June. I won’t call out each outfit as I have done in the past, but will call out some key highlights and possible themes.

April 2012

I hit up some resale shops in April and a few boutiques, but honestly didn’t find much. The only thing that I picked up was the shirt in Outfit #3- which I have to say that I love. But other than that, I was sadly disappointed. Anyone know of any good ones in the Chicagoland area?

May 2012

Also known as skirt and dress month. As the weather was getting warmer, I turned to skirts and dresses. I would wear a dress every day, but I just can’t seem to find enough that I like (and look good in). Outfit # 5 has me sporting a colorful necklace from one of the girls that I work with… gotta check her out too.

June 2012

This was a strapless shirt month. It was days of 90+ weather and I had many outdoor activities this month, so I decided to go strapless to help avoid the tan lines 🙂 It definitely helped with keeping me cool and keeping the tan lines away. Now to spend some time at the beach later this summer and complete the tan. (although I do wear SPF 80 since I tend to burn VERY easily and am afraid of the sun)

Well, I hope that you enjoyed the fashion last quarter (Whoa, I sound too much like a business person now, don’t I??) I’m still looking for cool places to check out for fashion- tops, skirts, accessories, shoes, etc. I’m open to new ideas and just hoping that it hits me soon 🙂 Fashion is a lot of work!

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One Response to Quarterly Fashion Update- April, May & June

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