March 2012 Updates

This whole fashion idea has not been easy for me… March is no exception to how this is showing. (See the theme?  I guess that was the main reason for my New Years Resolution) Thanks to everyone who is staying supportive, but I REALLY need ideas on how to make me more fashionable and quickly.  Here’s a short recap of the March outfits, but really nothing that I am actually super happy with.

Outfit #1:  This is a simple jeans & sweater outfit, but I added in a chunkier necklace.  Something that I saw as inspiration on a commercial and then found a similar one at Discovery for about $3- not a bad fashion accessory.  Plus, I also got my hair done this day.  I turned the BIG 3-0 early in the month and decided that I needed to do something with my hair.  At least for the first half of March, that made me feel cuter.

Outfit #2:  This outfit by far made me feel the best this month.  It’s very Madmen-ish… at least that’s what everyone said.  I don’t actually watch Madmen but have seen some commercials and agree.  I actually got this dress last year at the Dave Matthews Caravan tour in Chicago in the summer.  It is an organic cotton dress that was handmade by one of the vendors.  Not only do I feel like I look good in this dress, I also feel good about the purchase I made- helping local businesses 🙂  The shoes are my FIRST pair of wedges.  I am really not a big fan of wedges but got them from my brother and sister-in-law for my bday since he knew it was one of my goals to get out of my comfort zone.  They are pretty comfortable and look cute so I guess it works.

Outfit #3: Nothing special here at all.  A simple black tank with a bow tied on it to give the neck a deep V, pair of jeans and the wedges.  All in all, a comfortable and cute outfit.

Outfit #4: My summer fallback outfit… a tank, shrug and a skirt.  This is what you’ll see me for most of the summer in.  I think it’s cute, but am also getting kinda tired with the look and not really sure how to spice it up.  Any ideas??

Still looking for cool places to check out for fashion- tops, skirts, accessories, shoes, etc.  I’m open to new ideas and just hoping that it hits me soon 🙂  I think I’m gonna hit up some resale shops in April and maybe a few boutiques (although they can be kinda pricey sometimes).

Thanks for checking out my progress in March.

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