January 2012 Updates

Instead of inundating you with weekly blog posts of where I stand in the fashionable world, I thought it might be best to do a monthly recap.  So, here is a January recap of my commitment to being more fashionable this year.

Outfit #1:  A striped brown and white cowl neck shirt with a brown long sleeved t shirt underneath and a belt… yes, I said it, A BELT.  I don’t often wear belts but my mom helped me with this one.  Not my favorite outfit – I have to admit that I don’t feel very pretty while wearing the outfit but I agree it looks much nicer in photos.  Either way, I kept to it and dressed differently than I normally would have.

Outfit #2: A short sleeved black dress with a long sleeved black shirt underneath, grey tights, Nike boots and a wonderful scarf- thanks to Laura for the scarf. This outfit makes me feel cute.  I think it’s the boots and scarf really.  Funny, it was the first time I wore this scarf and when I went out for hot chocolate at night, I was stopped a couple of times with people telling me how awesome my scarf was. 🙂

Outfit #3: A plain V-neck long sleeved black shirt with a green tank top underneath, paired with a medium colored blue jeans.  The real key to this outfit is the necklace.  A wonderful black bead necklace with green ribbon tied with a bow in the back that hangs down.  Thanks to my friend Christina for this one as she actually had made these for her bridesmaids and was nice enough to make me one as well.  Thanks again!  I also took some time and curled my hair to change it up a bit.  That small change seemed to go over very well with everyone that I know.  They all really thought that curly hair looked good on me.

Outfit #4: Again, attributed to my mom, I’m wearing a nice long sleeved red V-neck sweater and a dark blue pair of jeans.  Accented with a long silver necklace, this is a simple but well put together outfit.  It’s super comfortable but makes me feel more like I have actually tried this time.  In addition to wearing brighter colors and a longer necklace I also wore the curly hair again…something I had been doing a couple of times a week- and not just on Wednesdays.

All-in-all, I’ve been trying. Slowly making some progress on becoming more fashionable.  Thanks to all of the people who have been supporting me- my mom, friends and coworkers who have been helping me by buying me accessories for me to wear or just checking on me to ensure that I am keeping my resolution.

If you have any ideas that you think would be cute for me to try to add to my 2012 resolution to be fashionable, please let me know as I all about trying new things this year.

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2 Responses to January 2012 Updates

  1. sarahnsh says:

    I think that all of your outfits are really cute, I especially like Outfit #2 but I think that they all look really good on you and very fashionable.

  2. Jan Wencel says:

    Love the curls & the necklace your friend made…and of course, the scarf. Not bad for quad of January Wednesdays.

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