The Best Benefit is Being Happy

So everyday I drive past this billboard and think to myself “WOW, isn’t that the truth”!  Now, normally I wouldn’t be able to take a picture of a billboard, but due to an unfortunate accident this morning, we were completely stopped so I snagged a shot. 

It’s funny how the little things, like being happy, can really make or break a company’s turnover.  According to a Gallup poll of more 1 million employed U.S. workers, the number one reason people leave is due to their boss.  Imagine that!  But, if you really think about it, your boss can make you happier at work, or make your life miserable.  So I guess that really does make sense.  The same would hold true if someone did a study of people who stayed at a job they weren’t completely satisfied at, it would be due to their manager as well. 

I guess my point is, make your employees happy and watch your productivity increase and turnover decline.  If only it were that simple.

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