Best Practices

So I got a copy of this today from a very wise friend of mine (that I also happen to work with).  I found it very enlightening and something that I am happy to hang up in a spot I can reference often.  Therefore, I decided it might be something that everyone would like to know and be reminded of (as many of these things are easy to forget in the moment).

  1. Throughout your career someone will always “get ahead/be promoted” faster than you- ALWAYS. It is not about you, so get over it.
  2. Be Passionate but not Emotional (I belive that passion is critical to a successful career in marketing).
  3. Back up Passion with Facts (a very strong, compelling combination)
  4. Manage difficult discussions by offering business based facts and asking “clarification” questions to understand/gain alignment.  This is a calm/objective approach that will serve you well.  Think/act like a “consultant”.
  5. Listen more than you speak ( I am not great at this, but it is essential in a good leader)
  6. Go ahead and keep pushing your ideas/recommendations after you hear “no” from upper management, but only if you have new facts to back up your Point of View (POV)
  7. Communication style of peers/management.  If you listen well, you will understand what makes your peers/boss tick. What matters to them and their style of communication.  This is critical to success as you will have many bossess who are “not like you!!” and you will only progress if you learn to “manage them”.
  8. Presentation composition/style is critical for effective communication. Always tell a “story”.  This will help with logical flow and ensure that you include all relevant “facts”. Invest time to “edit” (the investment will pay off). Present to a couple of people ahead of time to make sure it flows well and that questions are answered within content vs “having to be asked” (ie that your story is clear and complete)
  9. Be Solutions Focused.  There are always options, even in very difficult situations.
  10. You are 80% responsible for your career development.  Proactively manage it with your boss.
  11. Always be on Time.  It is polite and respectful.
  12. Push yourself “beyond” your comfort zone.  Try new things and approaches, so yoy continue to grow nad learn as a person.

I hope that these resonate as well with you as they have with me… now the trick is remembering these and acting on them 🙂

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