Is being too organized making you look bad?

Many people aspire to be more organized- at home, at work and with their life.

I have always been an organized person.  Right out of college I was lucky enough to land a job working for a company who makes office organization products. During my time there, I had the opportunity to work with NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) on partnerships and understanding of how different office products and techniques can be used in the workplace and at home. With those projects I attended organizing seminars and tried out different products and techniques for keeping myself organized–with work and in my own life. Now I feel that I am able to manage the multiple projects with many details without feeling overwhelmed.  I leave each day with a clean desk and have all of the information that I need right at my finger tips.

Now that I am working on a very busy team with a few other people, I am starting to feel that my overly organized style is making people look at me and think I don’t have enough to do.  The funny thing is, I can handle just as much (or maybe more) than some of the other people because I am so organized.  If you ask me a question, I know the answer or can find it in a moment.  Not because I spend hours organizing my stuff- but because when I started this job, I put a system in place and I haven’t faltered from it.  I have separate notebooks or binders for major projects (labeled of course) and a binder for the full year that keeps calendars and all the final details of projects together.  Now, this system may not work for everyone, but it works for me.

Sadly, as I hear people muttering about “how can she have time to get that organized?”to themselves or the person they are walking with, I start to feel bad about it and wonder what they must be thinking about my work performance.  It’s funny that just because I am organized and can follow a system that I set for myself, that makes people look down on my ability to do my job.

But can being too organized be causing the opposite perception of yourself?  I pose this question to find out what you all think… Let me know your thoughts.

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One Response to Is being too organized making you look bad?

  1. Jan Wencel says:

    Interesting post, Kim.

    When I worked in a corporate setting similar to yours, I heard the same mutterings from time to time. Unsure, I experimented with dispositions unknown to my character. In the end I decided the productivity and mental cost to lower my organizational standards were greater than the cost to have a few folks think I didn’t have enough to do. Since you can’t please everybody all the time, you might as well control what you can to feel comfortable.

    Label away, my friend. I’ll judge you favorable!

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