Can’t get a job cause you don’t have a job??

Is that something that you are currently thinking… “I can’t get a job now cause I currently don’t have a job”?  According to an article that I got in an email from Vault a few weeks back, this is the case. Employers don’t want to hire candidates who are currently unemployed.  Is that not obserd?  Here are the reasons listed in the article for employers not wanting to hire unemployed candidates:

  1. They will require more money
  2. Will be less productive
  3. May have personal issues
  4. If they were a good employee, they never would have lost their job in the first place

To me, this is all crazy!  Having been a person who was let go in January 2009 from their job due to a cutback caused by the economy, I am outraged by this!  I was not an employee that required more money, nor was I unproductive, I didn’t have personal issues and did not lose my job because I wasn’t a good employee.  I lost my job because the economy is at its worst since the Great Depression. 

To further dig the knife in on this so to say, this type of “discrimination” of not hiring based on current employment status is NOT illegal.  There are many law prohibiting job discrimination when it comes to hiring and firing, based on color, race, sex, religion and/or national origin… but nothing on current employment status.  This just means that companies really are “weeding out the unemployed” as they look to hire which in turn keeps the current unemployed unemployed for longer.  It’s a vicious cycle that people just can’t get out of. 

Have any of you heard of this happening? Or, do you have any ideas for people who are currently unemployed due to the hard economy to overcome their resume getting tossed to the side by employers just based on their employment status? 

To read all of the laws prohibiting discrimination for hiring/firing, click here.

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2 Responses to Can’t get a job cause you don’t have a job??

  1. Danielle S. says:

    Yes, I have read about this happening also. It does seem unfair due to the circumstances of the economy right now. I am thinking the main reason why people will not hire someone who has been out of work for a while is because their skills are not current. They would rather hire someone who has been using their skills and who would be more productive. One way to get over this obstacle would be to do volunteer work in the field that you were working in. Curerntly, I am volunteering for Toastmasters in an Officer position. I am Vice President of Public Relations. This role allows me to help promote and market the Toastmaster club. I think that staying active in professional groups is a good way to keep going while you are unemployed and a great way to network and meet other professionals. If you are doing something proactive with yourself during a period of unemployment, that shows the employer that you can take initiative, are self motivated, a hard worker, and make a contribution to an organization. These are all positive actions that you can talk about in an interview to prove to employers that you can bring value to their organization.

    • The Author says:

      Thanks Danielle. I definitely agree with you that may be a big reason why employers are not hiring someone out of work and agree with your ways to keep current. Congrats on your volunteer work as well.

      I hope that with the volunteer work and keeping current that candidates are able to get the interview to discuss their self motivation, drive for success and hard work to stay current.

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