It’s Vanna Style…

Don’t ever say it can’t be done…

A couple of months ago, I was at my parent’s house and I saw an episode of Wheel of Fortune and just fell in love with the dress that Vanna White was wearing.  I immediately pointed out to my mom who also really liked it and made a great suggestion of looking online to see if I could find out what kind of dress it was and who made it.  At first I thought she was crazy… but then went online to check it out.  And sure enough, online you can see “Vanna’s Styles” for the week.  I was so EXCITED.  Here is the dress:

From there I was able to  see who the designer was.  The designer, Dana Mathers, has a great website with images of all of her dresses.  Sadly, I could not find this dress on her site.  After days of continuously thinking of the dress (and some sleepless nights), I finally decided to use the “contact me” section on the website and email Dana.  At that point, figuring that she would NEVER in a million years email me back, I thought the journey was over.  I would always be able to see how great the dress looked but would never be able to get one. 

To my surprise, the next morning I had an email back from Dana.  After a few emails back and forth (I’ll spare you the whole conversation) I learned that there was only ONE of the dress made but it came in my size and she was willing to ship it out to me.  The stars had aligned!! We worked together to find a retail location near me where she could have the dress shipped to for me to try on and take home.  Once the dress came in, I immediately scheduled time to go try it on.  It fit PERFECTLY!! I was thrilled.  I now own THE dress that Vanna White wore on Wheel of Fortune all thanks to Dana!!

Morale of the story: if you want something bad enough, and work hard enough for it… you can get it!

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One Response to It’s Vanna Style…

  1. hillary says:

    kim the dress looks great on you! so glad you posted the pic 😀

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