Today is World Aids Day

Today is World Aids Day.  World Aids Day helps to raise awareness of the goal of an AIDS Free Generation due in 2015. Many people don’t know that with access to medication a pregnant mother can stop the transmission of HIV to her child.  With this awareness, there could be ZERO babies born with Aids in 2015 leading to the first generation in 30 years that is Aids free.

How can you help?

  • I know many of you are coffee drinkers out there.  Today only, Starbucks is donating 5 cents for every handcrafted drink that is purchased today.  So head on over there for your morning cup of coffee or an afternoon pick-me-up to help support the fight against Aids.

  • Cities around the world are also “turning Red” in support of World Aids Day.  You can find out the global landmarks that are set to turn Red HERE.  If there is a location near you, stop on by and join the discussion of how we can help create the first Aids Free Generation.  If there isn’t a location near you that is “turning Red”, feel free to start your own discussion.
  • Get Tested.  There are many organizations out there that offer testing for Aids and HIV, some of them are even free.  One of these organizations is the CDC (Center for Disease Control). To find a free testing center near you, click here.


Remember, the only way to stop the spread of Aids and create the first Aids Free Generation is to raise awareness of the disease and how to prevent it.  So do your part and get tested, talk to your children and protect yourself.

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