2010 Holiday Train

Ok, this is my first full year living in the city and I have to admit I have never seen anything as cool as what I saw on Saturday.  Saturday around 3pm, I was on the redline heading out to Wrigley Field just to see what they were doing for the Allstate Wrigleyville Classic (See below post) when I pulled up to the Sheridan station and could not believe my eyes.

And what was it that I saw you ask… it was the HOLIDAY TRAIN.  Now, I have heard of this holiday train and saw many signs for it last year in the el trains.  However, I had never before seen it and really thought it would just be a train with a car all decorated for holiday.  However, I was completely wrong!!  This is quite a spectacular site to see.  Sadly, I was already on a train going in the opposite direction and was not able to get a picture of it, but here are a few pictures of past Holiday Trains:

Now, the train that I was on had many kids on it that had their faces pressed to the glass oooing and ahhhing as they saw the train go past.  I myself was in awe as I watched it.  I highly recommend that you attempt to see this sometime this holiday season as it really is a mood booster and just makes you cheery.  I would also recommend that you see it when it is dark out (which shouldn’t be hard since it gets dark around 4pm now) since based on the pictures of the train during the day, it is much more awe-inspiring at night when it is all lite up and glowing.

I am quite the skeptic when it comes to the amount of money the city spends on things when the city is clearly in debt (traffic controllers since they don’t actually help control the traffic as an example) but this is worth every penny!  The joy that it brings to all who are lucky to see it is priceless.   Just another reason to love living in the city of Chicago!

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