It’s time to ElfYourself!

Ready to get into the holiday spirit??  Then you should Elf Yourself!!  It’s a fun and interactive way to spread cheer this holiday season.  Elf Yourself allows you to upload your photo (or your friends’ photos) through facebook, from your computer or even to take a photo with your webcam. You have the ability to upload up to 5 people to “Elf”. Once you’re done uploading your photo and creating your elf you can choose a dance for your elf.  There are 8 different dances to choose from (2 more than last year) that range from country and the Charleston to Hip Hop and 80’s.  After you are done “elfing” yourself, you can share your elf with others on facebook, twitter or via email or purchase fun Elf gifts like puzzles, playing cards, holiday cards, mugs and more.

So log on to and start a fun “Get Elf’d” chain with your friends. 

However you choose to get Elf’d this season, have fun and remember to share!!

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