No matter how easy or hard your job is… you can always F it up.

Take for example the person whose job it is to ensure that the correct tic tacs are in package.  It seems like a very simple job;  look at the package and the label and ensure that the right color is in the right package.  Repeat several times a day. Sounds like a no brainer… a monkey could do that job.  But völva:

Whomever’s job it was to ensure that the tic tacs are in the right package clearly was not doing their job when an orange one slipped in.

When I found this package of tic tacs in the store, I immediately knew I had to buy it.  My mom who was with me at the store wondered why it was SO important for me to have it.  I told her this: “ This is something that will remind me every day that no matter what my job title is, what it consists of, or how easy and unimportant others might think it is, it is still important for me to put in 110%.  It’s easy to screw up a job when you find that it’s not viewed as ‘important’.  But in the end, EVERY job is important no matter what you do.”

She looked at me with a  sincere smile and I could tell that she was proud of me. At that moment, she knew that my parents had raised me with a sense of work ethic. 

So remember… no matter if you are the CEO of a company or the guy who delivers the mail to him, your job is important and should be taken seriously.

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