Kudos on your packaging private label brand…

So, I know out in the business world there is much debate on private label brands and National brands… and having worked for both a company who was really trying to stick to promoting their National brand and a company who both sells National brands and their own private label brands, I understand both sides.  While working for the company who was looking to really promote their National brand, I read the book called The Private Label Strategy: How to Meet the Store Brand Challenge which I found facinating about the struggle of the National brand vs. the private label brand.  Well, this post is not about that struggle, nor about my feelings on private label brands vs National brands- although if you are interested, giving the above mentioned book a read is highly advised.

This post IS however about the great job that I think private label brands do with their packaging.  Take for example the product that sparked my interest in writing this post… the Archer Farms pita chips.  Archer Farms is a private label brand that is sold exclusively at Target stores.  Now usually I wouldn’t care about packaging of a product (even though I did briefly work for a packaging company) but this one just stood out.  It’s something so simple that you would think ANYONE would have thought of this… but this is the first package that I have SEEN this on.  The thing in which I am referring to is the resealable closure that is built into the package not at the top, but about two inches from the top. See picture below:

The resealable part of the bag is about 2 inches from the top of the bag.  I feel that this is much more efficient than having it at the top of the bag since with this bag you do not have to tear open anything with the chance of ripping the seal.  Maybe it is just me, but when I got home and opened this bag, I was amazed and delighted by the functionality of the packaging- especially coming from a private label brand.

I’ll leave with one small thought on private label brands vs.  National brands… and it’s this:  I feel as though private label brands try harder to ensure their packaging is user friendly and their quality control stands out above the rest.  I may be wrong, but with some industries where there is an ongoing struggle with private label brands vs. National brands the private label brands are just higher quality and more worthy of the money you pay.  (That is NOT the case for all… but something you should consider when making a purchase).

What’s a brand that you feel has done a great job with packaging??  Are the a National brand or a private label brand?  Why do you like the package so much?  Let me know your thoughts.

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