Spam Emails… make them STOP

Is it me, or does it seem like as the economy gets worse there are more and more spam emails that sent out. I have had my email account for quite a long time now, and as the economy has been getting worse I have been getting more and more spam emails each day then I have EVER gotten. I can check my email in the morning and there are over 20 spam emails in the “junk folder”. I think it’s great that my email account catches them and holds them in a separate folder, but I am one of those people that still feels the need to go in and clean up that folder so that it doesn’t show that I have any unchecked emails. After I get done cleaning out that spam folder in the morning, by the afternoon I find that there are about 10 more…and so on.

So I finally took some action… A few days ago I went in and “unsubscribed” to all of the spam emails that I have gotten and now it only seems to have made the issue worse. I thought when you unsubscribed from spam emails that you were supposed to get LESS spam emails, not more.

It’s getting to the point where I feel I might have to change my email address all together. However, doing that seems to pose a problem since I have had it for so long and really don’t want to have to figure out everything that uses my email address to update it. As well as the fact that professionally my email address is out on business cards, resumes and other documents that I have used in the past for networking, job searches, and just plain old “keeping in touch”.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help resolve this issue?? Any ideas as to why I would be getting so many spam emails?

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