Looking at the other side of things…

I have to admit that I am a pessimist. In true pessimist fashion, I always think of the worst case scenario before even beginning to think of what good could come of a situation. It’s like the song “Empty” by Ray Lamontagne…. I never learned to count my blessings, I choose instead to dwell in my disasters.

Take Wednesday morning for example… I left for work early so I could get there early and get a jump start on the day. However, on the way in to work, a car hit a median and caught on fire blocking all lanes to my exit and causing me to have to miss my exit and continue down the highway in the opposite direction I needed to go. I quickly had to figure out a new path to get to work and ended up getting to work later than I usually did… so much for leaving early this morning.

See a common theme in the above story? It’s all “I, I, I and me, me, me.” When really, the whole world does NOT revolve around me, nor would I ever want it to. Then, I had a realization moment… what if I was the person who was in the car that hit the wall and caught on fire?? I’m sure that would have been a worse start to the morning for sure. I quickly turned my thinking from the whole “Woe is me” to “My day really could be worse”. It really made me remind myself that my life really isn’t all that bad afterall. I have a good job, a loving family, a place to live, an amazing boyfriend, good friends and food to eat. Really, what am I complaining about. There are people out there with real problems and here I am looking at the bad side of everything, when I should be counting my blessings.

Sadly, Thursday at work I reverted back to my old ways. Looking at the bad things that were happening all day and letting that affect my mood. Luckily, when I left and starting driving home I remembered how lucky I really was and began to cheer up and let the things I could not control go and only focus on those things in which I could control: like my mood.

Today on the way into work as I turned around the same curve in which the car had hit the wall and caught on fire, I noticed a rainbow. Bright and colorful reminding me on a lovely Friday of the things Dorothy learned in the Wizard of Oz… Somewhere over the rainbow isn’t always better than where you are now. So enjoy the things you have now, the people in your life and the fortune that you have been given. Make every day count and focus only on what you can control.

Enjoy your weekend!!

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One Response to Looking at the other side of things…

  1. Colin says:

    Remember,if you try too hard to photograph life’s rainbows while on the road to the future, you might become the person who hits life’s median 😉

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