Is quitting a good thing??

Today I read this book… yes, I read an entire book in less than a days time… that really made things seem so simple.  The book is called The Dip.  I highly recommend taking a little time out of your day to give this one a read. It is a light read that states everything that you probably already know but you never really act on: quit something when the short term pain/losses aren’t worth it in the long run and stick with the things that are rough now but will pay off in the end. 

Seems so simple when I summarize it like that, doesn’t it? But sadly, you never really hear of successful people quitting something…or is that sad?  I think that could that be part of the reason they are successful. Because they quit things that won’t lead them anywhere in the end and only focus their time and energy on the things that will inevitably push them to be a better person.

If that IS true, why doesn’t everyone do that?  Here’s my theory on this:  even though quitting something that won’t lead anywhere later is a benefit to you (since you can then focus your time, energy and resouces on things that will be a benefit to you-short term or long term), a person still feels as though they failed.  You are taught in life that you don’t want to be seen as a failure (which is also something that Godin talks about in the book).

So the question then is not whether or not quitting is a good thing (Godin has this one covered in the book) the REAL question is – How do you change your mindset to accept that quitting things at the right time doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you smart and successful?

Any suggestions??

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4 Responses to Is quitting a good thing??

  1. It’s good to be honest about things. For example, if you’ve been trying a job and you KNOW it’s going to go no where… then maybe quit.

    If it’s just a tough uphill battle, it’s probably worth it. A lot of successful people have done both.

    Sounds like a fascinating book. I’ll have to check it out.

  2. kkraynak says:

    Very true!

    Definitely worth checking out for sure… depending on fast you read, you can finish this book in a couple hours. Not a large time to invest, but gives you some good things to think about with your life- both work life and personal life.

  3. Danielle says:

    I have not read this book, but it sounds good…I agree in that some things are worth it in the long run, though they may not seem like things are working right now…for example, I got a Masters degree which isn’t so helpful right now, but once I get some more work experience, it will have more worth and value. Some people say fake it till you make it…lately, this is usually my approach to things. I believe that failure can help you to learn from your mistakes and can eventually lead to success. If you know absolutely, positively that something is not going to work out, for example a job…then, yes I believe it may do more good to quit now. But if there is a chance even a small chance that something, like a job, might work out, then I think its worth it to stay and give it your best shot.

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