Networking with Executives

Many companies are now offering opportunities for employees (at the lower levels of the company) to attend networking events with executives. I definitely feel that this is a useful exercise that a younger employee (usually a Gen Y employee) can take advantage of to learn the path taken by people in positions that they aspire to.

As part of the Young Innovative Professionals group (YIP) at my company, I am taking advantage of this opportunity and meeting with some executives at my company to learn the path they have traveled to get to where they are now.

Here are a few questions that I have on my list so far…

  1. What is the one action you have taken that has accounted for most of your success?
  2. What books have influenced your ideas and thoughts the most?
  3. How do you handle defeat and/or failure?
  4. What magazines, newspapers and/or information products do you study?
  5. Of all the professional people you have met in your life, who has had the most impact on your life? Why?
  6. What about Gen Y do you find interesting?
  7. Based on your past career experiences, what kind of advice would you share with a young professional?
  8. How can Millennials contribute to the success of a business?
  9. Do you notice any generational stereotypes or barriers in the workplace?


Can you think of any more questions that would be good for me to ask an executive?

Maybe you are an executive who has mentored a younger employee… what was your experience with that?

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One Response to Networking with Executives

  1. Mark says:

    Ask him why he bails on meetings. 🙂

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