Rethink your customer service.

I recently went to Mario Tricoci for a waxing appointment.  I have been there more than a dozen times for the same service and always go to the same person.  She’s great!  I feel like I am totally pampered when I am there and am always more than 100% satisfied with the work she does.  Last week however, she was not available and I had to go see someone else.  It’s funny to me how two people can work for the same place, be performing the same service and be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.  I felt as though I had gone somewhere for the first time.  The lady didn’t speak to me at all, she rushed through the service to get it done as fast as she could and she didn’t even do a good job.  I had started to feel like I was an inconvenience to her.  Then I remembered, I AM PAYING HER!  As I was getting my things and walking up to the counter to pay, I was already thinking of other places that I could go since I was so disappointed with the service I had received and knew there were other places that I could go that would be cheaper for the same service.  When I got to the counter, the woman asked me how things went.  I replied “alright I guess”.  She looked up at me and politely replied “As good as something like that can be, right?”  I briefly mentioned that I had been there for that service so many times and it is usually a better experience.  Then she politely excused herself and went into the back room.  She came back a few minutes later and apologized for my service that day.  She then gave me a gift certificate for my next visit and asked if there was any other way that she could make my visit better.  I was SHOCKED.  She really took things into her hands and made sure that I understood that they valued my loyalty there.  Her great customer service helped them save a customer.  But is that the case with all companies?? That got me thinking so I did a little research. 

Here’s something to think about…

62% of companies don’t view the customer experience as critical for their future. And in a down economy, companies lay off employees and work with more of a  skeleton staff, but is that the best strategy??  Working in a company or department where layoffs have happened can cause employees to have to take on more responsibilities, cover larger territories or even take on an entire role on top of their own.  This will then tend to lead to them getting stressed out and becoming bitter and resentful of the company and thus cause more damage in the end. No one wants to interact with someone who is bitter and catty with them, do they?? And how does that affect customer loyalty?

Let’s look at some of the numbers, shall we?

  • 84% of customers will tell others about a bad experience
  • 22% of customers will blog or post negative feedback on a bad experience
  • 87% of customers with a bad experience will STOP doing business with that company 

But it’s not all bad.

  • 58% of customers will pay a higher price when they receive a good experience, EVEN in a bad economy.
  • 57% of customers will recommend a company that they have an outstanding experience

So why are companies holding back on customer service training and rewarding employees for good customer service?? My guess is that companies feel that they are keeping the right people and working with a smaller staff while providing a good product/service they can afford to lose a few customers that aren’t happy with the customer experience and customer service.  But that’s where I think they are wrong. It all starts with losing one person to the competition.  Not only will that one person tell others about their bad experience with you, but they’ll also tell others about how great their experience was with your competitor.  With social media and technology today offering ways to spread news to so many others in real time, this will have an impact faster than companies think. 

What are your thoughts??

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2 Responses to Rethink your customer service.

  1. Larry Jennings says:

    Kim check out this video.. I used it in a presentation last semester. It has some good statistics about customer service. Also check out social media and southwest and comcast.. if your bored complain about comcast on twitter.

  2. kkraynak says:

    Thanks so much for shooting over this video. It was VERY interesting! It’s shocking to see the stats for social networking and how that relates to a whole new world of expected customer service. Definitely something that companies should keep in mind!

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