Do you remember?

For some reason today I started thinking of old shows I used to watch as a kid growing up.  Sadly, this made me feel kinda old, but also brought back some fond memories of what it was like to be a kid.

Anyways, the show I was really thinking about was Dumbo Circus.  It was a show that only lasted for one season (16 episodes) and aired from 1985-1986.  I remember this show so much that I can even sing the theme song… you can also watch the video of the opening as well.

The show featured the characters Lionel the lion, Lilly the cat, QT the orangutan, Dink the koala, and Barnaby the dog.  Each show was 30 minutes long and like most kids shows, it had a lesson to learn by the end.

I really loved watching this show and love seeing video clips that bring me back to those days.  What do you remember watching as a kid that brings back good old memories??

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One Response to Do you remember?

  1. For some reason, I do not remember that show…Some of the more popular shows I remember like Sesame Street, Mr Rogers, Lamb Chops, the Hulk, and Specter man which was a show my brother used to watch all the time. It was like an older version of Power Rangers…but there was only 1 super hero and the evil bad guy was a Gorilla and was based in Japan or China or something like that. Wow, brings back memories…

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