Thinking outside the box in advertising…

In the spirit of the Irish today, I thought I would post a little something about the awesome advertising that McDonalds did this past weekend for the river dying in Chicago. 

As you all know, Chicago celebrates St. Patty’s Day to its fullest… and with that comes dying the river an unnatural shade of green.  McDonalds working with agency Leo Burnett was all on top of their advertising this year and worked to strategically place their wonderful Shamrock Shake right alongside the river. Making it appear as though a Shamrock Shake has spilled into the river thus causing the green color.  Spectators of the river dying were stopping to gawk at the interesting advertising piece.   I can only assume that it caused many people to think about the delicious Shamrock Shake and head over to McDonalds to pick one up.  I would be interested to know if this did in fact increase sales in Shamrock Shakes in the McDonalds closest to the river. 

Regardless, it was definitely a creative idea and made for a perfect photo opt throughout the weekend celebrations.  I commend McDonalds on this out of the box advertising.

Happy St Patty’s Day Everyone!! 

(Make sure you go out and grab a Shamrock Shake on your way home today… What better day to get one than today?? And, it’s the last day for a whole year that you can get them.)

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