Twitter…is it a blessing or a curse?

I still hear much talk going on about whether or not twitter is worth the time or not. I know for me, the jury is still out.

I am definitely open to the possibility of twitter being a good method of networking, but unless you are self employed, representing a larger company or brand, or are an expert in a particular field, I’m not sure of the real benefits of using twitter for a personal use.

I started using twitter when I started this blog. I thought the two really went hand-in-hand and complimented each other well. But now that I have really started using them (Although I do admit I don’t use them as often as I would like) I’m not so sure they both really do go hand-in-hand. I really only use twitter to retweet things that I find interesting and to tweet about my own blog information. Other than that, as a “normal” person, what else would I tweet about? I find it quite irritating that people tweet about what they ate for lunch, where they are going this afternoon and how many times they work out. Isn’t that what facebook is for, or am I missing something? Also, with twitter now connected to LinkedIn, is that really a good merge? I feel that LinkedIn is strictly a “live, working resume”, not an arena to post everything you do.

Here’s another question, should you post the same thing across all social medias-Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter? Or is that redundant? Are there simple social rules that you can follow to ensure that you aren’t driving people away from following you? That is one of the fears that I have: getting people to follow me but then through lack of participation, annoying content, etc. I will drive them away. It’s hard enough to build up a network of people so you really don’t want to lose the ones you do gain.

 Does anyone have any insight as to whether or not twitter is a beneficial social networking tool for an individual?? I’d love to hear your thoughts and understand more about what can be done with twitter. (or any other social networking site as well)

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