Things you can do with your leftover “garbage”

I never really realized all that you can do with things you would typically throw away.  Until recently, I was someone who would toss things away without even a second thought… not anymore.  I have come to find that some things have secondary uses that really help out.  Here just a few examples of things that I have used.  Feel free to share your suggestions as well.

Dryer Sheets (after they come out of the dryer):

  1. Use them as dusting cloths. This way, you don’t have to buy separate dusting cloths and they leave a nice scent behind after you dust.
  2. Use them at the bottom of the garbage can before you put the bag in.  Believe it or not, this can really help freshen up an area that typically needs some freshening up J
  3. If you’re a woman and anything like me you’ll definitely need this one… use them to pick up the hair on the bathroom floor.  After blow drying my hair in the morning, I tend to have left about a hundred hairs all over the floor.  Rather than let that all collect or get out the vacuum every day, I use our left over dryer sheets.  They pick up hair quickly and without getting my hand dirty. This will also be very helpful for those of you with pets (especially cats and dogs) as it works great for picking up pet hair too.
  4. Repel bugs.  Hanging a dryer sheet on your patio, in your garage or tool shed will keep the flies away.  You can also keep the mosquitoes away during the summer time by keeping a dryer sheet with you. Either thread it through a belt loop or stuff it in your front shirt pocket and you’ll be mosquitoes free!

The remains of your lemon. (oh the things you can do with a lemon)

  1. Use them to brighten up your plants.  Rubbing the lemon on the leaves of your plants not only cleans them, but also leaves them with a shine that will last. 
  2. Cleaning!
    1. Clean out the microwave. Place the empty hulls in a bowl of water and microwave for about five minutes. Then wipe the microwave clean with a towel. This is a safe and non-toxic way to clean out your microwave without having to worry about contamination of your food.
    2. Clean your tea kettle or pots and pans. Boil the rinds in your kettle or a pan that has burnt on stuff stuck to it. Let is sit for up to an hour to really soak in, and watch all the grime come right off as you wipe them down.
    3. Disinfect and deodorize your cutting boards and sink. By rubbing the peels and hulls across the cutting board or around the sink, you get them cleaned and disinfected safely.
    4. Freshen up your garbage disposal. If you have a garbage disposal, use the lemon peels to help freshen up the scent of your garbage disposal.  Just cut the left over lemon into pieces and drop in.  In no time you’ll have a nice citrus scent coming from your sink. 
    5. Lemons can ward off pests and help your garden all at the same time.  Putting the left over lemon peels in your garden can help to keep away pests such as ants, rabbits and cats.  And as time passes the lemon peels will start to compost into your garden and add nutrients to the soil.

Leftover Coffee Grounds

  1. Nourishment for your plants.  Sprinkling left over coffee grounds in with your plants or garden can help to nourish the soil and help your plants grow.
  2. Deodorizer. Put the left over coffee grounds in a bowl and let dry.  Place the bowl in either the fridge or freezer and the coffee grounds help to absorb spoiled food smells.
  3. As a natural dye.  Coffee grounds mixed with water can be used for dying fabric, paper or eggs for Easter time.


  1. To clean. Use crushed up eggshells to help clean off caked on grime from vases, mugs and more.  The crushed up eggshells act as an abrasive agent when mixed with soap and water.
  2. Composting in your garden.  Eggshells are a great addition to your garden.  Not only will they help to nourish the soil, but they will also help to keep pests away from your plants. 
  3. Seedling pots.  When starting a plant from a seed, plant the seed with a little bit of soil into half of an eggshell.  This will help nourish the little seed as it starts off and will help when it comes time to replant since you can just replant the entire shell into the ground and not have to worry about transferring the plant.

I hope that these were helpful.  Let me know of things you have found that you can do with your leftover “garbage”.

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