The Designful Company

I recently read the book called “The Designful Company-Working to Build a Culture of Non-stop Innovation”… and by recently, I mean about 6 months ago. But as I moved into a new role at new company, I am looking back on the notes I took from the book and remembering all the things that I have learned from it and wanted to share those. As I think back, I think this book actually helped me realize what I was looking for in a company and how to better myself as well.

But before I get ahead of myself, I am going to share with you SOME things from the book… but I would highly recommend you pick up a copy and read it yourself. It’s a quick read and definitely worth your time (in my opinion at least).

The book talks a lot about how to really create a designful company… including being innovative as well as supporting higher profit margins. Anyways… I’m not the author and don’t wish to botch his work so I will leave you with some quotes from the book that really got my attention:

“To count agility as a core competence you have to embed it into the culture. You have to encourage an enterprise-wide appetite for radical ideas”

“Charismatic brands support higher profit margins because their CUSTOMERS believe there is no substitute for them.”

“You can’t just put ‘innovative’ in your tagline and expect magic to ensue. If you want to innovate you have to build a culture of innovation”

 “Companies don’t fail because they choose the wrong course- they fail because they can’t imagine a better one.”

“Respect comes from merit more than position, which imparts a feeling of self-esteem.”

And finally my favorite… “You have to wonder about a CEO that needs a survey to find out if his employees are happy.”

 I hope you choose to read this book for yourself and work to build a culture of non-stop innovation yourself.

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