Hoovers vs. OneSource

When I first started at my current company, they were using Hoovers as their main source of lead generation and territory analysis.  As I had never used a lead generation tool in any prior positions, this seemed to work out fine.  Hoovers was easy to navigate through, easy to download from and had many search criteria that we needed. However, as the months passed and I was working to create leads for promotional mailings I discovered that Hoovers lacked some of the information that we were looking for with each company lead.  Hoovers seemed to only have higher C-level employees who were not our target group to search through and those companies who did have lower than C-level employees were no longer there.  The information that we were getting was older and outdated and thus resulted in returned promotional mailings and added costs to our promotions.  Something that NO company every wants to have happen. I called Hoovers and D&B (which at the time I did not know that Hoovers was part of D&B) and the person that I spoke with let me know that with the amount of companies that they had, it was hard to keep them all up-to-date with the correct information.  So what did that lead us to do?  Search out another source for our lead generation tool.

Our next step was using a trial with OneSource.  Once the trial had been set up, we set loose to have a few employees try it out.  It was a unanimous  vote that OneSource outranked Hoovers.  It was just as user friendly as Hoovers had been, had all the same criteria for us to narrow a search and was also able to provide us email addresses and news articles.  Just like Hoovers we were able to obtain C-level employee names as well as a more robust offering of lower than C-level employees and the information was much more up-to-date.  And if that wasn’t enough, it also connected to LinkedIn.  In my opinion if you want the most accurate data about employees working at a company and what position they are in, search through LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is where EMPLOYEES keep their own profile updated and it’s not the job of someone else to update it for them.  So if/when they move on or are promoted, that is reflected in their profile and we can get that information in real time.

I never had a “bad” experience with Hoovers and would definitely give them another shot if I thought that things had changed and we could get more accurate information but as of now, we are off on our adventure to use OneSource. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it lives up to all the expectations that we have of it so far.

Anyone have any good/bad experience with either Hoovers or OneSource, or even another tool that I am not aware of yet??  Let me know…

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